• Inspire your
    children to realize
    their potential

    Winner of 3 Gold Medals, Olympiad Grade 2, Samarth Muralidharan chases
    his dream of becoming an astronaut

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  • Be Achievers

    Use Nidara to gain a strong foundation to
    beat academic benchmarks.

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  • Be Explorers.

    Use Nidara to make your children
    fearless in exploring the world
    around them.

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  • Be Pathbreakers.

    Extraordinary care to make your
    child revolutionary from the beginning
    with the right guidance brain,
    body and emotional development.

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  • Be creators.

    Use Nidara to flourish the creative genius
    of your child.

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Unleash greatness.

Make your child’s brain, body and emotional engines powerful during early childhood years.

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early childhood children realize their potential.



Nidara at your service.

Research shows that equal effort must be placed simultaneously in building your child’s brain, academics, social, physical, and life engines during early childhood years to unleash success.


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Hear Mr. Muralidharan Ummanath,
VP, Large Technology Company and
parent of a Kindergarten child talk
about how Nidara builds his son’s
brain, body and emotional engines to
inspire his child to realize his potential
and become an astronaut.



Every child has the right to realize their full potential.

We believe that integrated child development including education
is a right for every child and should be accessible by everyone.

“The primary goal of child development and education should be to help children create new things and be pioneers in their own right and not just raise them to replicate more of the same.”

– Shubha Janardhan

The Difference

Nidara develops the 3 core engines in your child: Brain, Body and Emotions.

Fit for Perfection.

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Samarth Muralidharan
Grade 2

The Nidara Dashboard

Witness greatness unravel before your eyes.

With the Nidara dashboard, you receive real time, highly secure insights so you know how your child is developing.

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